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Our Websites Have Greater Relevance

December 7, 2009

The Swanepoel Trends Report recently conducted a study of marketing trends.  They found that the Sun-Times Group, owners of the Chicago Sun Times and other trouble newspapers recently filed for bankruptcy.  The group has had 12 failed newspapers in the last year.  Gatehouse Media, a newspaper conglomerated had 8 failed newspapers and presided over $3,000,000 in losses and declining revenue of 15%.  The Ganett Company was hit with a 34% decline in revenues and saw 7 of it’s papers fail.  additionally, The Tribune Company, owners of the Baltimore Sun and the Los Angles Times filed for bankruptcy in 2008.  The newspapers are suffering unsustainable losses mainly because the print model has been made largely irrelevant due to the internet and other means of electronic delivery.    This Christmas we are seeing an enormous demand for electronic media readers such as Amazon’s “Kindle” and Barnes & Noble’s “Nook”.  People may be reading more than ever, they’re just not reading newspapers.   The National Association of Realtors conducted it’s own studies indicating that 90% of home buyers begin their home shopping on the internet.  In recognition of this trend we continue to focus our marketing efforts on our websites, blogs and social media.


Longboat Key Club Expansion

October 14, 2009

The Longboat Ke CLub in currently in the final stages of planning and approval of a proposed $400,000,000 expansion of the resort and club. The expansion will bring a new hotel additional resort amenities, condos and jobs and tourism to Longboat Key.


Sarasota Bank Owned Real Estate

October 9, 2009

With prices in Sarasota on the rise again, time is running out to get the best deals on bank owned properties and foreclosures. If you are interested in getting a list of foreclosure property deals in Sarasota, Bradenton, or the Keys or Lakewood Ranch, visit and register.  We are seeing an increase in interest among buyer and investors looking for properties since the The Today Show named Sarasota as the number one place in the country to buy real estate.  Don’t miss out, there are still some great deals.


Today Show, Sarasota is Best Place to Buy Real Estate

October 6, 2009

The Today Show just aired a segment on Real Estate naming Sarasota as the number one place in the country to buy real estate.  Our beautiful beaches were mentioned and  Sarasota was described as “a sophisticated city, an urban city with all the things that sophisticated people like to find.”  They also stated that the median home price in Sarasota is $175,800 which is own 34% from last year and that there has been a 13% increase in property values since last quarter indicating that the market has bottomed and is increasing again.  If you are a sophisticated person, Sarasota is the place for you and now is the time to buy!  The market has turned around.  Visit to see the video.


Flemmings Restaurant Sarasota

September 23, 2009

The other day my wife Opal and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Flemmings Steakhouse.  We wanted to thank our client that sent us the gift certificate.  I am blessed to have a wife like Opal and also to live,work and play in a town with so many excellent restaurants and things to do.  The Sarasota life style is great.


Sales Are Up

September 2, 2009

Sales volume has been trending up for each of the past six months, signaling the end of the  rapid price declines.  High volumes of foreclosures are expected to continue for the near future but will have a lesser effect on the market than they have in the past few years because there are now large numbers of buyers returning to the market to take advantage of lower prices and investment opportunities.


Home Sales up by 9.6%

August 27, 2009

Recent reports from the U.S. Census Bureau indicated that new sales of new home in July increased by 9.6% over June.  The median sales price of new houses sold in July 2009 was $210,100; the average sales price was $269,200. The seasonally adjusted estimate of new houses for sale at the end of July was 271,000. At the current rate of sales there is a 7.5 months supply of homes currently on the market.

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