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Storm Shutters Reguired on Coastal Homes Valued at $750,000.

October 24, 2008

Beginning January, Citizens Property Insurance Corp will require all single family homes with values of $750,000 or more which are located in high-risk coastal areas known WBDRs or Wind Borne Debris Regions to have storm shutter protection that meets the current codes. This requirement is to be without regard for the age of the structure. It will effect only those properties with structures valued at $750,000 or more. With most coastal properties values being mainly based on the land this requirement will effect less home owners than one would imagine. Those property owners who will be forced to upgrade their storm protection will find some solace in the reduced premiums they may receive after the required upgrades are completed.

For more information, click here to read the requirements posted on the Citizens Property Insurance site.


Longboat, Lido, Siesta or Casey Key?

October 16, 2008

White sugar-sand beaches, sophisticated arts, world-class shopping, five star resorts, country clubs of distinction, legendary fine dining and community events coupled with the areas natural beauty and year-round good weather are just a few reasons that Sarasota ranks among the nations 15 most livable communities, according to Money Magazine. Located on Southwest Florida’s Gulf coast, the Sarasota area is a paradise unto its own.

Sarasota is blessed to have three very distinctly varied island lifestyles.  Longboat Key and Lido Key tend to be more formal while Siesta Key and Anna Maria are more laid-back and casual.  Casey Key is exclusively residential and private.  Which is your favorite Sarasota island?


Manasota Key Beach Re-nourishment

March 5, 2008

Sarasota County has committed to completing a beach re-nourishment project on Manasota.  The re-nourishment will include the Manasota Key public beach south 1 and a half miles.  IT is expected to cost $9 million dollars with $2.3 million from state funds and the balance coming from tourist tax dollars.  $1.7 million of the cost will be borne by homeowners who will directly benefit from the project.


Manasota Key

September 4, 2007

Manasota Key is located just south of Venice, Florida and offers some very interesting real estate opportunities.  The feel of the northern half of the island is very similar to that of Casey Key but at a fraction of the price.  There are many beachfront homes as well as bay front properties and some spanning the width of the island from beach to bay.  The southern end of Manasota Key is home to many low-rise condominiums and small rental properties.  A state park and wildlife sanctuary known as Blind Pass Beach is also located at the southern end of the island.  The pristine beaches of this park are unspoiled by development and vastly enjoyable for it’s nature trails and fishing.