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Declining Dollar Draws Foreign Investors

December 2, 2009

MSNBC recently quoted Arthur Wong who runs a Canadian based U.S. Real Estate fund as saying, “This could be a once-in-a-generation opportunity for real estate investment.” The artilce went on to state that Buyers from countries like Brazil, France, and the Netherlands with strong currencies are spending millions on condominiums in Florida, New York and Las Vegas.


Foreign Investment in Florida.

November 25, 2009

“As part of our global asset allocation, we are targeting Florida as one of the areas with the most potential to recover value on the residential side,” said Shlomo Cohen,  vice president of real estate for Dizengoff-Trading Group which just completed the purchase of 115 condo units in Palm Beach.  The same Isreali based company completed the purchase of 118 condos in Jensen Beach in September.

The weak dollar and market which by many accounts has reached bottom is fueling a flurry of investment is Florida.  I see many great deals here in our Sarasota/Bradenton market and are working on many purchases with foreign investors.  Now is the time to back into the market.


German Real Estate Buyers

October 23, 2009

We may soon see an increase in the number of real estate purchases from German buyers.  The Ifo institute in Munich reports that a survey of 7,000 business executives indicates a rise  the German business climate index which now stands at 91.9.  The index, up from 91.3 is now at it’s highest since last September.  The German government is predicting economic growth of 1.2 percent in 2010.  With economies improving in Germany and our weak dollar we are sure to see more Germans in Florida this season.


Mortage Rates Near Lowest

October 9, 2009

The thirty year fixed-rate mortgages have dipped to nearly the lowest level on record. The fixed-rate is currently at 4.87 percent which is just above the record low of 4.82 percent. Similarly, the 15 year rates is now at 4.33 percent. Rates like these should encourage many to enter the market. International buyers should be intrigued by low prices, low rates and our weak dollar.


Heritage Oaks Condominium – Pending

September 4, 2009

Today one of our listings at Heritage Oaks Golf & Country Club went under contract. The cash buyer comes from the U.K.  and as with all of our European clients we will monitor the exchange rates to help them determine the best time to transfer funds to complete the transaction. The exchange rate was at 1.64 this afternoon. Golf condominiums like this are excellent choices for Europeans that holiday in the summer as they can rent the properties for peak winter season rates to Americans and enjoy the off season time for their traditional summer holiday.  You can click here to see details about this property.


German Real Estate Buyers

August 26, 2009

We may soon see an increase in buyers from Germany. Recent economic reports in Germany indicate that their recession is coming to an end. With things looking up more Germans will have the confidence to take advantage of great deals in our Florida real estate markets. We are using our large Internet presence to capture foreign buyers.


Foreign Exchange and International Real Estate

August 5, 2009

Today, I had the opportunity to speak with Jordan Tilley of Money Corp, a company that has served the needs of international clients by providing very attractive rates in monetary exchange since 1979.  With Money Corp., international buyers can lock in their rate of exchange prior to completion of  an international real estate transaction.  This eliminates the possibility of risk due to declining rates of exchange.  International buyers can even lock in their rate of exchange for each of the first 24 monthly mortgage payments after a purchase is made.  Give us a call at 941-650-4626 for more information how we can help you make the most of your money in your next international real estate transaction.