Sarasota Boating

July 15, 2009

marina Jacks2

Sarasota is a fantastic place to enjoy boating. Sarasota has 36 miles of beaches and numerous inlets and islands to explore. While there are many boat ramps and launch sites throughout the county, serious boaters will want a more permanent home for their vessel. Of course owning a home or condominium directly on the water is the most obvious choice but their are many alternatives including numerous marinas with dry storage, yacht clubs, leased or owned boat slips, dockuminiums or rackuminiums.

The most visible of these is Marina Jack’s which is located at the center of Sarasota’s downtown bay front.  This marina offers many amenities and a great location.  Prices for boat slips start at $14.50 per foot per month.  If you have a boat of at least 35 feet and are looking for resort amenities in addition to a boat slip you should consider the Longboat Key Club Moorings.  Boat slips are individually owned a the Moorings but leased slips are available for $20 per foot  per month.  Their is an additional charge of $100 per months that provide for full use of the amenities of the Longboat Key Club Resort.  Yacht Clubs such as the Bird Key Yacth Club and the Sarasota Yacht Club are another alternative which also feature resort amenities.  New additions to the boating scene in Sarasota are facilities like the Phillipi Harbor Club which offer dry storage in an enclosed building.  These rack spaces are called rackuminiums.  Prices start at $50,000.  

Here are just a few of the boating facilities here in Sarasota:

  • Marina Jack’s 941-955-9488
  • Siesta Key Marina 941-349-1970
  • Sarabay Marina 941-349-1970
  • Bird Key Yacht Club 941-955-2406
  • Phillipi Harbor Club 941-925-3214
  • Cannons Marina 941-383-1311
  • Longboat Key Club Moorings 941-383-8383
  • Midnight Pass Marina 941-349-9449
  • Sarasota Yacht Club 941-952-9451

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