Homestead Exemption

February 17, 2009

Any person owning and residing in a Florida home or condominium may file for Homestead Exemption which will exempt the first $25,000 of the property’s value from taxation. A total of $50,000 may be exempted from taxation with the first $25,000 applying to all property taxes including school district taxes. The second $25,000 applies to the property’s assessed value that is between $50,000 and $75,000 and only applying to non-school taxes. To qualify for Homestead Exemption a property owner must have been living in the home or condominium since January 1st of the tax year and must make a Declaration of Domicile or be registered to vote in the county in which the property resides. One should also have a Florida Driver’s License. The initial application for Homestead Exemption must be made on or before March 1st of the tax year. Additional exemptions are available for widows or widowers, the disabled, the blind, and persons over 65 years of age.


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