New Publix on Bee Ridge Road Update

February 6, 2009

Back in July I wrote of the new 28,000 square foot Publix grocery store and 19,000 square feet of retail to be developed on Bee Ridge Road.  This new shopping enter which will also include a Suntrust Bank will make life much more convenient for those living in communities such as;

  • Laurel Lakes
  • Laurel Meadows
  • The Hammocks
  • Bent Tree Golf & Country Club
  • Laurel Oaks Golf
  • Gator Creek Golf Club
  • Misty Creek Country Club
  • Heritage Oaks Golf & Country Club
  • The video above was taken February 5th, 2008.  Improvements are also being made to the intersection of Bee Ridge and Iona Roads.  In the coming days you will find profiles and updates of the above communities that will benefit most from this new shopping center.

    Click here to view more information about the new shopping center.



    1. […] like Misty Creek, Gator Creek, Laurel Oaks, The Hammocks, and Laurel Lakes will benefit from the new Publix grocery store which is currently under construction at the intersection of Bee Ridge and Iona […]

    2. This new publix will be very convenient for those of us living east of I75, although I am concerned about the size of the new store. This store is going to be very small. I hear it’s going to be the same size as the one downtown near the boat ramps(1/3 the size of a normal publix).So that leads me to believe the selection will be small as well. I think I will still travel to the one on cattlemen although it is usually pretty busy.

    3. I am very happy with the size. I never thought we would see a store of any kind there. No more trips west of 75 for milk or a loaf of bread. It is going to be a very welcome addition to this part of town. Now, if we could just have Iona Road go thru to Fruitville Road. How great that would be?

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