Moving to Sarasota

November 18, 2008

Sarasota Beaches

During the boom years Sarasota real estate enjoyed a wave of prosperity and growth.  Sarasota, with all of it’s attributes and accolades attracted more investment dollars, speculators and new residents than possible any other small city in Florida.  Now that the boom is over and the prices have come down from the peak of August 2005, Sarasota is indeed looking very good.  Interest in Sarasota real estate has been increasing steadily through out this second half of 2008.  Many believe we are at or near the bottom of the price decline and the things that made Sarasota attractive in the past are all still in place.  Little has changed in the past few years except the real estate prices.  In this decade Sarasota has become well known for its’ many cultural and natural attractions and has received many accolades.

  • In December of 2002 Sarasota was named among the top 100 cities in which to live by City Watch Magazine.
  • Money Magazine named Sarasota among the top five locales being the “Best Place to Retire”.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine rated Sarasota in sixth place among best medium sized cities in the U.S. for small business.
  • Money Magazine placed Sarasota schools in the Top 100 in the nation.
  • Expansion Management magazine  chose the Sarasota/Bradenton area as the only city in Florida to be awarded their Five Star Community ranking.

There are so many things to do here here in Sarasota.  The lifestyle is wonderfully diverse and the weather is beautifull year round.  Real Estate sales statistics indicate an upswing in closed transaction so now may really be the right time to get back into the market.  Come on in, the water is fine.


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