Renaissance Condos Downtown Sarasota

November 10, 2008

The Renaissance
This weekend I was showing downtown condominium properties to a client from Vermont.  He was very pleased with the prices.  By his estimation the prices are very reasonable.  That’s something I have not heard in quite a few years.  The client is right.  Prices have come down quite a bit.  In some areas and properties the prices are nearly half of what they were at the peak.  Right now at the Renaissance in downtown Sarasota there are some really great deals.  There are some short sales in which two bedroom units are priced as low as $224,000. 

The Renaissance is a very good property in a good location but the prices have taken a beating.  There are 224 units in the building and there are currently 35 units for sale.  Internal competition and the competing units in Alinari next door have driven prices down to the current levels which, I believe are excellent values.  The prices are sure to go back up over the next few years.  The prices at The Renaissance range from to 4199,995 to $900,000.  This year seven condos have been sold at an average price of $358,257. 

Click here to view more pictures and to request detailed information about available properties.


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