New Mall on University Parkway

November 4, 2008

Recently the Benderson Group and it’s partners have received final approval to pull permits on the construction of their new mall on University Parkway.  The mall to be called the University Town Center will be modeled after the Mall at Millenia in Orlando.  The developers expect that at least 70% of the retailers in the mall will be new to the Sarasota area which they say has been undeserved by the luxury retail segment. Currently shoppers in our are have to travel to Tampa or Naples to shopp at a Tiffany’s or Neiman Marcus.  Additional retailers will include the likes of Pac Sun, Talbots, Abercrombie & Fitch, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chanel and Vilebrquin.  Soon locals and international travelers will be able to enjoy such stores right here in Sarasota.  Such high end retailers will be good for our area and will attract more international visitors to our town.  According to Visit Florida, shopping ranks as the highest priority among international travelers while only fifth in importance among domestic tourists.  This is one of the reasons the mall’s developers are bullish on the project despite the current economic climate.  They have indicated that they will pay for the project from their own funds if favorable financing terms are not procured.



  1. As if we need anymore retail around here! It is obvious that the wealthy are way more than the 1% in this area. I really think a lot of these retailers in the University area are going to tank!

  2. I couldn’t be happier about this. I’m not wealthy and don’t care about Jimmy Choo and stores like that, but I live off University and it’s made me crazy having to drive all the way down to south Sarasota or up to Bradenton for stores that have always been within 2 or 3 miles of me in the New England area where I lived before. There is NO WHERE in my general vicinity to shop for clothes. Fashion Bug…. Wal Mart…. When the real estate market comes back, this mall should help the value of my condo. I know there will be restaurants there, as well, which means more places for local people to go. I can’t wait! Has anyone heard if there will be a Barnes and Noble or Borders?

  3. Unfortunately the mall has been delayed pending improvement in retail sector.

  4. Does anyone know what exact location on university pkwy will the mall be built on? And when will it open?

  5. Any updates on the mall? I’ve seen some signs up, but wasn’t sure if they’re for this project. Just wondering. So many people in our area were really looking forward to this happening.

  6. I dont think it is a good thing at all to put up a new mall we already have one in sarasota why do we need another? Did you know that you are actually coming habitat loss? You guys are killing so many of the little animlas homes. Its like if you have kids you give them the best home that you can think of the animals as kids they need a home to you cant keep doing this!!! I’ll tell you the truth I am only 11 and I am in 6th grade and I am doing a debate about habitat loss and you guys are the people who are killing so many things. Since there not going to have a home anymore they wont have any place to live or to eat or to do anything they will die. But whose fault would it be yours so get ready folks!!!

  7. We need other stores too, not just high end stores. How about Hot Topic, and bring in boutiques like in NYC. Everything doesn’t have to be High End. Not too many people can afford all that stuff. Personally, if I want to shop at Tiffany’s I’ll go to NYC and have the real thing.

  8. To reply one above, if you can’t afford the shoppes in the mall don’t go you sound like the a–h—- that elected O’bama. Malls bring jobs something democrats (or leaches) don’t understand

  9. woohoo,next time go to sarasota hope its built.can’t wait.

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