Tropical Storm Fay; Much to do about nothing..

August 19, 2008
Tropical Storm Fay
Tropical Storm Fay

Today has been a beautiful day here in Sarasota.  Since the media has pumped up the story of this little storm to near histeria, a third of the schools in Florida have closed for the day.  Yes, it is the second day of the new school year and the kids are staying home because of the storm while a car salesman here in town is calling to see if I am still planning to come by today to look at a car.  Many of my neighbors have responded by boarding up their homes as urged by the news outlets while others went to play golf.  The storm did make landfall in Florida south of Naples bringing some needed rain but little else.  My congressman’s office called to warn of the storm while other realtors called to arrange showings of my listed properties.  The storm did bring some relief from the high summer temperatures.  In all it has been a great day to be outdoors.



  1. It is always a tragedy when someone looses a life in such storms. Or when someone suffers a loss of property or income. I have lived here in Florida all my life and have long felt that the media over reports such events. Many of the deaths attributable to hurricanes are actually comprised by car accidents. As we all know car accidents also occur on sunny days. This is not to down play the mater or sound insensitive but I have talked to people from California, who have said they would not live in Florida because of fear of hurricanes. Now the same media outlets would have us to believe that California experiences mudslides, forest fires, earthquakes, riots, drive-by-shootings on a daily basis.

  2. Hi there. Thought you might like this: http://jkfowler.com/2009/11/27/the-storm/ . Cheers, JK

  3. I enjoyed your writing. Thank your for visiting my blog and for your comment. I am happy that we have had reprieve from storms that past few years.

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