Ritz Carlton Sarasota/Palm Beach

July 26, 2008

Our family just spent the week at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach during which time we ventured into and around Palm Beach and Boca Raton.  I must say that the Ritz Carlton in Balm beach is a beautiful resort property and that the morning sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean definitely has it’s appeal but Palm Beach and Boca Raton as well as the areas directly around the Ritz pale in comparison to Sarasota.  (We asked the concierge for a good local breakfast establishment and we were directed to an IHOP.)  Having spent most of my life in Sarasota we have taken it for granted but the more I travel and see other parts around Florida I can see why so many of my clients have chosen Sarasota.  The Ritz in Sarasota offers many amenities and access to entertainment options that are not available at The Ritz in Palm Beach.  There are no condominiums available at Ritz in Palm Beach such as we have here in Sarasota.  We also found that the level of service is better in Sarasota.


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