Sarasota Real Estate Sales Surge

July 7, 2008

The number of homes sold each month continue to surge.  May’s total of 627 homes sold was the highest in 14 months.  It was also just over 90% higher than January’s sales total.  each month this year that sales totals have risen from 329 in January to 423 in February, 514 in March and 567 in April.  Inventory levels have been on a steady decline and are now the lowest they have been since February 2006.  Now is a great time to buy.  Inventory levels are still high and buyers have an advantage.  Soon the market will begin to recapture the losses of the past couple of years.



  1. Do you think this is an indication of the market finally “hitting bottom?” It is probably such a hard thing to predict – but I was just hoping for your opinion. I am a first time home buyer investing in Sarasota real estate. This site I linked to has been a great help-meet with your blog. Thanks so much for all the great links and info on the area.

  2. Thanks for the link Shell. Property Maps has been an awesome site!

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