Sarasota Condominiums Price per Sq Foot

June 19, 2008

Downtown Sarasota Condos

This morning I was talking real estate with someone who asked, “Is there a rule of thumb for price per square foot for Sarasota’s downtown condos?”  To answer the question let’s explore the price per square foot for some of downtown Sarasota’s newer condominiums.  The first price given for each below is the average price of listed condominiums and the second number represents the average sales price of units sold within the past twelve months.

  • Ritz Carlton Residences             $775.70 / $763.59
  • Ritz Carlton Tower Residences   $678.42 / $689.56
  • Condo on the Bay                     $301.00 / $368.38
  • Beau Ciel                                 $606.43 / $584.25
  • Alinari                                      $418.32 / $373.73
  • Renaissance                             $413.97 / $378.45
  • Plaza at Five Points                   $768.60 / $603.67
  • 1350 Main                                $464.68 / $487.86
  • 100 Central                              $418.98 / $431.09

If we were to average the selling price of those units sold over the past year in each of these locations the number would be $520 per square foot.  Of course these numbers are all averages based on each building.  With each building the price per square foot will vary based on each units view and location with the building.  Penthouses will always command a higher dollar per square foot.  Visit www.sarasotacondominiums.com to request specific availability and price information for any of the above buildings.



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