Sarasota Waterfront Property

June 12, 2008

Waterfront property has always been highly sought after.  In today’s Sarasota Market there is probably no better investment that waterfront homes and waterfront lots along the shores of Sarasota Bay or the islands of Casey, Siesta, Lido or Longboat Keys.  In considering these opportunities there are many things  all waterfront property buyers should know.  It is not just about the view.  Owning waterfront property offers unique amenities and recreation that differs from traditional housing. However, new natural and man-made challenges are presented when co-existing with nature. Remember that waterfront property is highly regulated by local, state, and federal government. Before buying, keep some of these questions in mind:

  • Does the residence comply with current FEMA elevation requirements?
  • Is there a boat dock at the property? Was the dock constructed with approved plans? Have any modifications been made to it and were they been authorized?
  • Are there mangroves on the property? Can they be lawfully trimmed?
  • Are there any recorded restrictions, such as a Conservation Easement?
  • Who owns the submerged lands waterward of the upland property?
  • Is the property located along the Gulf of Mexico? If so, is it located seaward of the State of Florida Coastal Construction Control Line? Are there any local setback lines that may affect the redevelopment of the property?

These questions, if unanswered, could affect how the buyer can use and enjoy the property. Even more importantly, it might determine whether or not the property was worth the purchasing price. A two-part checklist of questions to answered during the inspection period following the acceptance of a contract. This checklist can be obtained by email, dlevin@icardmerrill.com, or by phone, (941) 629-6319.

Be sure to involve a real estate professional who understands waterfront issues in your buying decision. 


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