Hyde Park Steakhouse Sarasota

March 18, 2008

Hyde Park Steakhouse Sarasota, FL

In addition the Ruth’s Chris and Fleming’s, Sarasota steak lovers has another fine steak house to savor.  Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse celebrated it’s grand opening today in Downtown Sarasota.  The new restaurant is located at 35 South Lemon.  It is a welcome addition to downtown’s growing numbers of fine dining and shopping establishments.  For more information visit www.hydeparkrestaurants.com



  1. My wife and I have tried to make reservations twice and were told it was booked. We hope because the food is good because their grammer is obviously suspect.

    However… could whoever wrote the little summary of steak restaurants above taken the time to check their spelling?! Fleming’s is with 1 “m” and Dining is spelled with one “n”.

    We’re still going to try it one of these nights.

  2. The restaurant is nice but you misspelled “grammar”…you need to make sure you’re perfect before casting stones.

  3. I did not eat at the one in Sarasota, although I’m sure they’re all the same. Overpriced, horribly loud and chaotic atmosphere, and the food was only so-so. Will not be going back and I’m spreading the word.

  4. AMAZING RESTAURANT!!! Great cuisine, great service, and wonderful turn around time.

  5. I am very glad that you enjoyed Hyde Park Steakhouse. It is one of my favorites. Sarasota has so many wonderful restaurants. It is a great place to live.

  6. My family and I eat at the Sarasota Restaurant in August. Their two course summer menu that goes to Sept 21, 2009 for $19.99 from 5:00pm til 6:00pm was wonderful. The food is plentiful and seasoned just enough and the wait time was minimal. The attire was business casual and reservations should be made. The best spot in the house is the special room. It,s warm, cozy and intimate.
    It’s a great place. Everyone was hospitable. The food was great. I will go again and I will share my experience to others.

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