Brooks Brothers Downtown Sarasota

March 14, 2008

Brooks Brother Downtown Sarasota 

I had the pleasure of visiting the new Brooks Brothers in Downtown Sarasota on Main Street.  Sales Associate Susan Seay told me that sales have been very good since the store opened in November.  I noticed that this store is different than any other Brooks Brothers Store that I have seen.  The Sarasota Brooks Brothers is a new concept for the clothier.  It is a Country Club store which features casually elegant clothing suitable for Sarasota’s country and yacht club lifestyles.  This new store located at 1500 Main Street is a fine addition to the growing number of luxury retail establishments that have been setting up shop in Sarasota’s vibrant downtown district.  The store hours are 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Satuday and 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Sundays.



  1. I was recently in this Brooks Brothers store and was very disappointed with the service. I had to ask the sales woman, who was blocking the door while watching the Farmer’s Market, to please excuse me so I could get in the store. She never spoke to me and never offered to help. I was in the store, with a friend who also lives in the area, for twenty minutes. I find the staff to be dismissive and their behavior insulting. Residence like me have the potential to bring a lot of business to a store like that; we have many visitors and money to spend. I will shop elsewhere.

  2. I love this store. They regularly have new stock, and the staff is extremely helpful.

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