Longboat Key Club Marina

December 17, 2007

The Longboat Key Club Resort recently took over the management of  the 291-slip Longboat Key Moorings Marina.  The marina, which is adjacent to the resort offers yacht owners individual equity ownership of deepwater dockage, and will lease slips on an annual, seasonal, monthly or daily basis.



  1. Does the marina offer boats ownership as a fractional interest?

  2. No Roger, I don’t think it does. It is a very affluent market and there is a high demand for the boat docks.

  3. How are things at Terra Ceia Bay?

  4. I think the Longboat Key Club only purchased the “village” properties at the Marina plus several of its slips. The “village” consists of the restaurant (formerly Cafe on the Bay), the Ship’s Store/Laundry, the pool and bathhouses, and the Commodore Club building and pool Virtually all of the 291 slips are owned by individuals.

  5. Yes, Frank you are correct. The Marina and it’s facilities were purchased. I mentioned that some of the slips are individualy owned. I am not sure how many.

  6. You continue to write “The Marina and it’s facilities were purchased.” That is misleading to the point of being read as incorrect. The Marina was NOT purchased. Frank was correct – the Marina is a Condominium and ALL the slips are owned. Many are used personally, and a few for rental. Simply look at the Sarasota Clerk’s Records for proof of the Declaration of Condominium and the Fee Simple Deeds to all the slips in the Marina. – Be careful what you write.

  7. I have updated the article to note that the Longboat Key Club took over the management of the marina. I agree the individual boat slips are individually owned.

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