Sarasota & Florida Real Estate Fairing Better

September 5, 2007

With so much of the news being so pessimistic about real estate and our own newspapers decrying the market It is no wonder that sales have been slow.  The fact is that it is not all that bad.  Yes sales are down but interest rates remain low, the weather is still great, there have been no hurricanes and Sarasota is still the best town in the paradise that is Florida.  The market is slow for now because so many remain on the fences waiting for good news.  The Federal Reserve will soon provide that good news and yet another uneventful hurricane season will soon pass and many will wish they had purchased when prices were at their lowest. 

I came accross an article in the Universit of Florida News that explain why, “Florida’s housing market shows surprising resilience despite pessimism.”  Having read the article, I can say that I agree but I am not surprised.


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