Florida Real Estate Market to Boom Again

August 25, 2007

3062_crist_jpg.jpgAt a recent meeting of Realtors in Orland Governor Charlie Christ said in a speach, “Florida is going to have a sonic boom when this happens.  You’re going to busier than you’ve been in your life.”  He wnet on to urge support for pending legisaltion that promises to lower property taxes and insurance rates.  Judging by the number of clients that I have spoken to that are delaying purchases pending improvement in the market, insurance and tax reform, I woul agree that we will see a surge in purchasing if meaningful reform is passed.



  1. It’s great to hear positivity about the market, when all you hear from the media is doom and gloom about real estate.

  2. Thanks for your comment. All the fundamentals are still good. The market will recover soon.

  3. Very bold comments from the governor but does anyone think this recovery is coming before 2009 or 2010?
    Based on homeowners insurance spiraling costs and property taxes climbing while values are falling far more than predicted by “experts” this market is still getting tougher as many workers in this industry are losing their jobs every day in Sar/Bradenton. This trend will not be reversed until people see home values rise at least modestly and the subprime disaster starts to stabilize.

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