Costa Rica Real Estate

August 9, 2007

costa-rica-ocean-view.jpgThere are so many coastlines in Costa Rica that it goes without saying that properties with an ocean view are plentiful. Land is much cheaper in Costa Rica than in other parts of America, so many people are vying to get their piece of paradise. With real estate still at about levels 70% less than in the United States, it is no wonder why so many investors are turning their attention toward this land. And because of the capital growth potential and due to the minimal tax consequences, it has also become an ideal place for people to make their second homes.   Through my affiliation with RE/MAX I can offer connections with the best agents in Costa Rica.  If you have interest in Costa Rica or other foreign markets I help you find a knowledgeable agent with a long history of dealing with American investors.



  1. Just curious about some pricing and few other things.

  2. Costa rica is interesting maybe my future is there
    how to get more information? who could i talk to if i was sopose to go there ,a small house somewere around
    the ocean

  3. I would like to learn more information about purchasing beach front land in costa rica, how great are the costs? and how can I make this happen?

  4. STOP selling my land, go somewhere else

  5. Costa Rica is not on sale, we do not want to sell our land, go away please, we want to keep Costa Rica NATURAL.

    We do not want concret jungle!!!

  6. I would like to purcjase a few acres of land to build a smll Adobe House and have a nice big garden so i can grow my own food and cok some fod for the market. I use no concrete just mud and grass and natural tree’s to make a nice home and live our life there. Please let me know, Muchas’ Gracias’


  7. Dont sale my country !!

    We can’t buy a house because high prices, only people fron USA or Europe can pay for that.
    How to buy a $250.000 or $375.000 house with montly salaries of $600 monthly. ??

    Go from my country.

  8. I am a Costa Rican. I simply want to see coast lines remain coast lines, unadulterated by the ugliness of man made infrastructure. This vile cycle of polluted beauty is a tragedy. Costa Rica is beautiful. It is simply my prayer that the fragility of such beauty is realized before its too late. But who knows if the prospects of selfishness will ever be trumped by the lush foliage of untouched good.

  9. Yes Costa Rica is a beautiful place. Let us hope that growth is reponcibly managed and that a proper balance between growth, natural preservation is reached. Also that the influx of people and money will provide good jobs and increased wages and opportunity for locals.

  10. My wife and I spent a month in Costa Ric a year ago and all I can think of is returning. I have no desire to do anything but fit into the community. I have never been in any country where the people were so passionate about thier country.
    The people and the beauty of the land was truly a breathe of fresh air

  11. It is a great country I spent 6 year there and I still have good memories of that beutiful country.

  12. I am a Costa Rican and I don´t care who is going to buy a property here and I know that the costaricans do not have the chance to buy a property here due our salaries but that’s the way it is so anyone who has the chance feel free to come and respect the nature.

  13. My wife and I are curious into land purchases in Costa Rica and would like to see about more information.

    Please foward on to us when available.



  14. I will be happy to share some informtion with you. Please feel free to contact me at 941-650-4626.

  15. i agree with other comments, leave Costa Rica alone ! sucks to travel there and find that many foreigners use it as their play land and abuse women, people, traditions, culture, law, etc.
    Visit and only leave footsteps on the sand, locals are having a hard time to compete with rising housing prices and big hotels are taking most of the precious lands!
    In the south many Americans have invaded towns and dont like other people visiting, they charge outrageous prices for food and stay, so they only want other Americans to spend money in sport fisheries destroying corals, and polluting.

  16. Would like some information on land that is available to purchase and what all is involved in buying land in Costa Rica

  17. I am also interested in getting some information on land that is available to purchase and what processes are involved in buying land in Costa Rica.

    Marc 830 538-2121

  18. I was wondering if there are liveaboard marinas in
    Costa Rica. I have a liveaboard boat and will do no
    damage to your beautiful country.
    Thank you,Mike

  19. im using this for a project i will cite it promise thank you

  20. hola soy venezolano y me interesaria saber precios de las casas en costa rica ,casas campestres , no busco algo muy caro ni tampoco muy malo algo a mi medida . gracias .

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