Sarasota Bradenton Airport

July 13, 2007

airliner.jpgThe Sarasota Bradenton Airport was been awarded the status of top commercial airport in Florida by the Florida Department of Transportation.  It received a perfect score on a recent inspection by the Federal Aviation administration and exhibited high marks in security related issues.  Our airport out performed 19 other commercial airports including Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami.

 In addition to the upgraded security systems, the Sarasota-Bradenton Airport recently spent $5 million on the rehabilitation of it’s main runway.  The recent addition of JetBLue and AirTran has also been a contributing factor in earning the award.   Traffic at the airport has been up as well.  In the last twelve months 1.5 million passengers have come through SRQ.   Airport traffic is up 43% since 2003.

 There is also plans for $2.8 million in improvements to the current airport concessions which will include a new Starbucks, Dewar’s Clubhouse & Grille.  Other improvements will include an upgraded gift-shop and a new Dunkin’ Donuts.

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