Top Ten Longboat Key Condos

May 2, 2007

Currently there 464 condominiums for sale on Longboat Key at an average price of $939,990.  The highest price is $5,595,000.  From time to time I like to list the top ten priciest properties in various areas of Sarasota.  Here are the ten highest priced condominium properties on Longboat Key:

  1. Wicker Beach,   3,103 sq ft,   $3,900,000
  2. Positano,   3,156 sq ft,   $3,950,000
  3. Sanctuary,   4,000 sq ft,   $3,990,000
  4. L Ambiance,   3,220 sq ft,   $3,995,000
  5. Wicker Beach,   3,226 sq ft,   $4,000,000
  6. Wicker Beach,   3,103 sq ft,   $4,40,000
  7. Wicker Beach,   3,226 sq ft,   $4,600,000
  8. Miramar,   3,519 sq ft,   $4,760,000
  9. Miramar,   3,539 sq ft,   $4,860,000
  10. Marimar,   3,964 sq ft,   $5,595,000 

Click here to view the full details of each of Longboat Key’s top ten highest priced condominiums.


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