Sarasota Bayside; the Quay update

December 19, 2006

sarasotabayside.jpgThe Developer, Irish American Properties headed up by Patrick Kelly plans to build what could be Southwest Florida’s most expensive residential developments.  The new development to be named Sarasota Bayside will be located on the side currently occupied by the Sarasota Quay.  Sarasota Bayside is valued at 1 billion dollars.  It will be comprised of three 18 story towers with 695 condominium units and 188,000 square feet of retail space.  There will also be a 175 room hotel.  Sarasota Bayside has received an approval of it’s site plan.  Final approval of the proposed development should occur in January.  Click here for more information on this project.



  1. The Sarasota Season of Sculpture (non-profit) promotes large scale sculpture by places pieces along the bayfront in Sarasota, Florida. These pieces, and others by these and other artists, are for sale. Please provide us with a contact name so that someone ultimately involved in the placement of such art work around Irish American Properties sites so that we may invite them to an upcoming event.

  2. Roger, I assume you work with the Sarasota Season of Sculpture. If I am correct, I would like to talk with you about featuring the sculpture and information on my site.

  3. Whatever happened to the Sarasota Bayside project on the former site of Sarasota Quay?

  4. I am glad you asked, I know that many are wondering. Recently I was contacted by an international firm that specializes in liquidations of large multi-use sites such as the quay. It seems that they had been hired by the banks holding the notes on the Quay property to determine the sites value on today’s market. I spend the afternoon with the companies representative here in Sarasota. This is good new as it seems the banks are looking to determine so that they can evaluate offers on the property. It is prime location so it will be developed in years to come as the market picks up again.

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