Sarasota Real Estate Sales Homes and Condos

December 10, 2006

The numbers are in for total sales of homes and condominiums in Sarasota during the months of October.  A comparison to October 2005 sales data shows that the market is not as it was.

Total sales of single family homes in October of 2006 was 268 and in 2005, 468.  The average selling price this October was $458,716 and in 2005 the average price was $499,476.  A 9 percent decline.  The median price this year is $302,500 and last year the median was $365,000.  Total sales volume in October this year was $123,204,025 and last year the volume was $233,754,934.

The decreased number was more apparent in condominium sales.  The total number of condominiums sold in October 2005 was 91 where as 242 were sold in October of 2006.  The average selling price in October 2006 was down to $366,054 from $549,899 in 2005.   The median price of a Sarasota condominium in October this year, $250,000 and in 2005, the median price was $319,153.  The total value of condominiums sold in October 2006 was $33,310,930 and the total in October 2005 was $133,075,685. 


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