Downtown Condo Values

November 6, 2006

rivo4.jpgThe newly completed update of www.SarasotaCondominiums.com is very helpful.  There is a Google type map which displays each of the downtown Sarasota condominiums.  You will also find a map of each condominium on the detail information page for each condo.

Click here to display the condominium map

One of the building that I like downtown is The Renaissance.  It has a very nice amenity package and is one of Sarasota’s newer properties.  I like it because of it’s modest price point for new condominiums.  The average price is $589,230.  Click here for available properties.

The condominium know as 1350 Main is another nice building in a great location that is just now nearing completion.  There currently 15 units for sale.  All are owned by pre-construction buyers wanting to flip their investment.  There may be some good opportunities here.  The average price is $681,460.  Click here for available properties at 1350 Main.

Another building nearing completion is Rivo at Ringling.  This condominium is in a good location and has 9 available condominiums at an average price of $637,667.  There may be a good opportunity there as well.  Click here to view available properties.

Another condominiums that interesting to me is One Watergate.  It is an older building located directly next door to the Ritz Carlton.  To get there you actualy have to drive through the Ritz.  Nice.  Currently there are 11 units for sale there at an average price of  $575,891.  Click here to view available properties at One Watergate.


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  1. I checked out the site; http://www.sarasotacondominiums.com and was greatly impressed. Very helpful.

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