They are Bullish at the Ranch

October 5, 2006

cattle_novocrixas.jpgdouble-jj-cattle-drive.jpgThe nice people of Schroeder-Manatee have a bullish outlook for the future of Florida Real Estate.  They are especially so when it come to Lakewood Ranch.  The Herald Tribune has quoted Lakewood Ranch spokeswoman, Sondra Guffey as saying, “We don’t see that people are going to stop moving here,” . “There’s no research, no studies saying people aren’t going to keep coming to Florida.”  I suppose a bullish outlook should net be surprising.  They are ranchers you know.  Their new plans call for 8,000 new residences, 4,446 of which will be single family homes.  There will be an additional 3,675 multifamily units and 3.5 million square feet of commercial and office space.  All the new commercial development will further their goal of making Lakewood Ranch a fully self sufficient community.  This new development will be located on 2,000 plus acres on the northwest section of Lakewood Ranch near the stalled hockey arena.  In related news the previously stalled hockey arena project is back on tract thanks to new ownership in the appropriate form, Susan Jamieson, a  Canadian businesswomen.  Makes sense to me.


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