Longboat Key Condominiums

April 14, 2006

Today there are 412 condominiums for sale on Longboat Key with an average price of $990,252. The average square feet of the condominiums currently available for purchase is 1573 which puts the average price per square foot at $639. The average days on market for these condominiums properties is 99 days. The highest price is $5,950,000 and the lowest price is $78,000 for a half interest in a one bedroom unit at The Colony. With the exception of a one bedroom unit at The Colony for $210,000, the lowest priced condominium on Longboat Key with a full Gulf view is $549,000 for a nice one bedroom unit at Turtle Crawl.

Although the market has been slowed from the boom of the past few years there are signs of increased market activity. During the past twelve months 321 condominium units were sold on Longboat Key. Currently there are 17 condominium units listed as ‘Backup Needed” and an additional 28 as “Pending”. Now is a great time to take advantage of larger selection of available condominiums and get a good deal on a condominiums property on Longboat Key. You may visit http://www.longboatkeycondominiums.com/ for more information.



  1. I really appreaciate this type of information. It is very helpful in understanding the trends.

  2. on the money again bruv

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